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Enjoying the beauty of Perennials has been a tradition in gardening for generations. Perennials offer stunning floral displays year after year. Because of dependability and their adaptability to a wide variety of soil conditions, Perennials are a color staple of any garden or outdoor room.

Adding Perennials to your landscape adds long lasting enjoyment to your time spent outdoors.


  • First call J.U.L.I.E. to have all utilities marked before you dig.
  • Establish the proposed location of the plants.
  • Remove any sod or other debris from area, so that you will have a clean surface to start with.
  • Spread over entire planting bed 2" of mushroom compost and rototill into the soil at a 6" depth.
  • If planting any trees or shrubs in same bed, do so first, so that the plants do not get crushed.
  • Grade out bed assuring proper drainage, spread hardwood mulch over the entire bed in a 2" thickness, and apply a fertilizer/herbicide granule.
  • Starting at the rear of the bed, work out towards the edging by laying out all the plant material according to the plan. Spacing will depend on the size of each plant. Then with a small spade dig a hole large enough for each small plant. However, make sure that you get the plant in the dirt and not just in the mulch. Then place the plant in the hole and push the mulch back around the plant.
  • Water all plants in gently for 1/2 hour, but do not soak completely.


Perennials - Sun

Perennails - Shade






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