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An effective fertilization program is essential to promote a healthy soil and plant life. Here at the Grieder Garden & Design Center we understand that planning a fertilizer program can be difficult with so many choices available. We highly recommend that you call or stop by the Grieder Garden & Design Center with any questions about what, when, or how to start a fertilizer program.

How to read the numbers on fertilizer:
10 - 10 - 10
(N - P- K)

    • The first -10- stands for the percentage of Nitrogen (N), there is in the bag. If it were a 50lb bag there would be 5lbs of N. 
    • Nitrogen promotes color.
    • The second -10- stands for the percentage of Phosphorous (P), there is in  the bag. If the bag were 50 lbs there would be 5lbs of P. 
    • Phosphorous promotes root development.
    • The third -10- stands for the percentage of Potassium (K), there is in the bag. If the bag were 50lbs there would be 5 lbs of K. 
    • Potassium promotes vigor and fruiting.
    • Whenever applying fertilizer, always follow the label instructions. Too much or too little fertilizer can have a negative or little effect on the plant or soil. The label is the LAW, any misuse of the product may be hazardous. 


Tree and Shrub Fertilization Guidelines

    • Best time to fertilize for maximum uptake into the plant is early summer and early fall
    • 3 lbs. Nitrogen per 1000 sq. feet
    • Use fertilizer with a 3 - 1- 2 ratio, don't skimp
    • For mulched areas, add an additional 1 lb. Nitrogen to offset Nitrogen loss from decomposition
    • Newly transplanted or very mature plants are the least likely to respond
    • Do not fertilize plants under stress, they will spend energy growing not defending themselves from disease, insects, or environmental stress

Annual and Perennial Fertilization Guidelines

    • Fertilize full sun annuals at time of planting or when growth begins in Spring
    • 2.5 to 3 lbs. Nitrogen per 1000 sq. feet (shade plants at ½ the rate)
    • Always fertilize at time of planting, get off to a good start
    • Use a 1-1-1 ratio
    • Feed early and heavy, early Phosphorous deficiency is common
    • Follow up fertilization 1 to 1.5 lbs. Nitrogen per 1000 sq. feet

We have the following fertilizer ratios available:



Lawn -

    • New Lawn Starter (Ferti-lome) - Perfect for newly soded lawns, has ratio of
    • Weed & Feed (Hi-Yield) - more for established lawns, has ratio of 15-0-10
    • Crabgrass Preventer and Lawn Food with Team (Fertilome) - more for extablished lawns, has ratio of 20-0-03
    • Winterizer (Ferti-lome) - perfect for your established lawn going into winter months, has ratio of 10-0-14

Organic Options - 

    • Lawn Food With Corn Gluten (Natural Guard) - any lawn can benifit from from this, has ratio of 9-0-0
    • Milorganite - non-burning organic, rich in Iron has a ratio of 6-2-0

Annuals & Perennials -  

    • Blooming & Rooting (Ferti-lome) - this product is manly used in the Garden Shop has a ratio of  9-59-8
    • Miracle Grow All Purpose (Miracle Grow) - we carry the refills for the hose end sprayers this products ratio is 24-8-16
    • Osmocote All Purpose (Mircale Grow) - great of indoor or your outdoor annual pots has a ratio of 19-6-12
    • Dutch Bulb Food (Hi-Yield) - perfect for use will most bulbs, use when planting or water in later has ratio of 7-8-5 

Tree & Shrub -  

    • Fruit & Ornamental Tree Spikes (Ross) - great for easy fertilizing has ratio of 8-16-16
    • Evergreen Shrub & Tree Spikes (Ross) - great for easy fertilizing and acidic loving plants has ratio of 10-10-10
    • Organic Holly & Azalea & Evergreen Food (Natural Guard) - great orangic acid loving fertilizer that stimulates growther after winter has a ratio of 5-4-5
    • Jobe Tree & Shrub Spikes (Jobe) - easy fertilizing method comes in package with a ratio of 16-4-4
    • Tree & Shrub Package Spikes (Winchester Gardens) - comes packaged with caps, has ratio of 15-10-09
    • Evergreen Spikes (Winchester Gardens) - comes packaged with caps, has ratio of 12-10-10
    • Treetone (Espoma) -  used for shade, fruite and ornamental trees has a ratio of 6-3-2
    • Copperas (Hi-Yield) -  used when trees or shrubs with an Iron deficiency contains 11% Sulfur and 19% Iron in a 4lb bag
    • Garden Iron (Espoma) - used also when trees or shrubs have an Iron deficiency contains 55% Sulfar and 22%Iron in a 3lb bag
    • Rood Stimulater (Fertilome) -  used when planting new trees & shrubs, promotes root growth has a ratio of 4-10-3


    • Tomato & Vegetable Food - available in resealabe package with a ratio of 7-22-8
    • Organic Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer (Preen) - Many functions can be used during growing season as weed preventer in landscape beds against clover, foxtail, lambsquarter and plantain.
    • Garden Weed Preventer (Preen) -  Can be used around flowers, shrubs, trees, roses, rock gardens and many vegetables. Stops weeds before they start and controls them all season long. Allows trans-planting anytime.  







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