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A tree is a perennial woody plant that has a main trunk and usually a distinct crown. Trees can serve several different functions in the landscape. They can provide shade, block wind, reduce pollution and noise, attract wildlife, and creative a privacy screen all while being beautiful. Trees range in size from 12 feet tall to over 60 feet tall. They also provide four full seasons of interest with beautiful spring flowers, full summer canopies, colorful fall foliage, and distinctive winter silhouettes. Trees are considered evergreen if their foliage stays year round. They are deciduous if they shed their foliage in autumn. Trees provide much environmental and economic value as well as create the framework for our outdoor rooms.



  • First call J.U.L.I.E. to have all utilities marked before you dig.
  • Place tree next to proposed location.
  • Next, dig the hole deep enough for the ball, leaving 1 - 2" of the ball above the ground, and allow an extra 12" on each side of the ball.
  • Place the tree ball carefully in the hole, pull the burlap from the top half, and slit the bottom half. In addition, remove any wire or rope caging. If the tree is container grown, remove the container and loosen up the root ball.
  • Backfill around the ball, and lightly compact the soil. This will assist in removing any excess air pockets in the hole.
  • Water the tree in well. (approximately 1/2 to 1 hour with a gentle small stream of water)
  • Mulch around base of tree about 2 1/2 - 3" deep extending out beyond the perimeter of the tree. Mulch should not be piled up around the trunk of the tree.
  • Stake the tree well with 2 - 3 stakes. Use 12 gauge wire as tie offs and place hose sections around any wire that is in contact with the tree.
  • Prune out any dead or damaged branches.

*Note: all deciduous trees should be covered with a tarp while moving the tree if it has leaves on it.


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